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Deuxième Journée luxembourgeoise de la traduction et de l’interprétation 10/10/2017 16:08

We have received the following press release from our Luxembourg member:

"Pour la deuxième année consécutive, l’Association luxembourgeoise des traducteurs et interprètes (ALTI) a organisé une conférence professionnelle consacrée aux métiers de la traduction et de l’interprétation à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la traduction, désormais reconnue par les Nations Unies.

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BDÜ awards Hieronymus Prize 2017 to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia 10/10/2017 11:07

On 29 September 2017, the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) awarded the annual Hieronymus Prize 2017 for exemplary achievements in the field of multilingual communication during its festivities on the occasion of International Translation Day in Erfurt, Germany. This year, the award was bestowed upon the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which was nominated by the ranks of its in-house language service for exemplary collaboration with translators and interpreters and has been instrumental in bringing war criminals to justice.

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FIT World Congress 2017 in Brisbane 09/08/2017 13:13

From 3-5 August 2017, the FIT World Congress 2017 entitled „Disruption and Diversification“ was held in Brisbane, Australia, bringing together translators, interpreters and other stakeholders of the industry from all over the world and addressing the rate of technological change within the industry and the current challenges it provides for practitioners and clients alike. Being unable to attend this extraordinary event herself, EULITA President Daniela Amodeo Perillo instead sent her best wishes to our colleagues of FIT in Brisbane, which you can read below:

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LIT Search final report published 21/06/2017 14:17

The EU-funded project for a European pilot database of legal interpreters and translators was published a few weeks ago and can be accessed here.

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International Translation Day officially recognised by the UN 28/05/2017 22:28

On 24 May 2017 the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted Resolution A/71/L.68 recognising the role of professional translation in connecting nations, and fostering peace, understanding and development. In the same resolution, 30 September was declared UN International Translation Day to be celebrated across the entire UN network, thus recognising the crucial role of professional translation and interpretation in international communication and international affairs.

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9 May, Europe Day 09/05/2017 10:20

One of the essential, although trite ways of letting people understand Europe is to allow them to understand each other.

The role of translators and interpreters in general is to make this mutual understanding easier; that of legal interpreters and translators in particular has an added value: to allow our European society to have a better justice.

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