You will find below a press release Daniela Amodeo, president of EULITA, issued after another failure of justice occurred before an Italian court, which was obliged to stay proceedings due to the impossibility of finding a qualified legal interpreter who would allow the accused foreigner to enjoy the same rights as a citizen of the country.


Since its creation in 2009 EULITA supports its national professional associations of qualified legal interpreters and translators who strive to attain recognition and respect of their profession, and dignified remuneration when recruited by the judiciary.

It is not tolerable that, twelve years after the adoption of Directive 2010/64 Member States do not abide by its provisions on training and quality of legal interpreters and translators and, in the end, on the right of suspected and accused persons to understand the language of the criminal proceedings and be understood thanks to the services of competent interpreters.

Ridiculous remuneration keeps qualified interpreters far away from our courtrooms with the consequence that hearings have to be suspended, time is wasted and costs ramp up: in the end, it is self-defeating for justice to make do with unreliable people.

EULITA calls upon the Italian Ministry of Justice to deal seriously and without delay this aspect of the criminal procedure: all suspected and accused, be they Italians or foreigners, have the right to a fair trial without any discrimination.
EULITA urges the European Commission to ensure with particular vigilance that Member States correctly apply Directive 2010/64.

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